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CEP Platform - MAY -

Post  Bruck on Sat May 02, 2009 9:37 pm

CEP Platform ---May---

The CEP has always considered the Canadian Armed Forces to be the highest priority for an emerging eCanada and we have been rewarded with a highly trained, experienced army with exceptional leadership. During my two terms as Prime Minister the CAF has reached a 100 strong fighting force and has managed to achieve a 95% activity rate within the ranks, truly remarkable.

Anyone who has tried to apply for membership into the CAF lately will have noticed a cap on the number of new applicants and as such may find themselves on the waiting list. I intend to raise this cap by 20% so that more highly motivated and driven Canadian citizens can join and do their duty for the Armed Forces.

If reelected I will continue CAF run operations such as the CAF Industries, employment for CAF soldiers to produce their own supplies. This move is cost saving and provides work for soldiers not currently fighting.
For weeks I have been hard at work arranging a training war to allow every eCanadian Citizen the ability to fight from home and gain some much needed experience and wellness. I am pleased to announce that an ATLANTIS wide war games will take place as soon as critical battles around the world begin to slow. Until such time I offer an organized and agreed upon attack on France.

During my two terms as your Prime Minister Canada has seen two of the highest quality Defense Systems placed in Ontario and Quebec respectively. If reelected I promise to place our third Q5 Defense System in Nova Scotia, protecting eCanadians is this governments top priority.

During the April term I expanded our Ministry of Industries government companies to become trainer companies offering over 100 introductory level jobs for new citizens. This allowed many new Citizens to work and gain skill and experience. New citizens are the future of eCanada and this government understands how to help its people.


Under Minister of Social Services Emilio Sanchez I will continue government gifting at a much discounted price. Health Canada will be provided with the funds it requires to gift citizens who transfer CAD for gifts at a much discounted price.

Canada’s first Q5 Hospital was placed in Ontario under my direction. Though Canada does not produce its own Q5 hospitals at this time it does produce Q4’s and we currently have one ready to be placed. If reelected I will ask Congress to vote to place the Q4 in Nova Scotia, bringing the first Q4 hospital to Atlantic Canada.

If reelected I promise to bring about a massive undertaking to raise the population of Nova Scotia dramatically. The Minister of Immigration will be provided with the means and resources to encourage citizens of eCanada to move and settle Nova Scotia. This will, in conjunction with the Defense system, will provide a huge defense rating and ensure any attack through Nova Scotia will not succeed without massive effort and expense from our enemies in PEACE. In conjunction with the Defense System the Q4 Hospital will ensure these citizens stay in Nova Scotia as their new home. This will also alleviate the over population of Ontario, which is evident in the congress elections where voting results indicates dozens of votes being wasted due to over voting.
The new Citizen message will be altered to assist the Minister in performing his duties by suggesting new citizens contact the Immigration Canada to receive moving tickets and more to Nova Scotia.
Immigration Canada will continue to provide the citizen fee of 15 CAD to interested Citizens whom are registered on the eCanada forums.
Foreign Affairs
Under a Bruck administration eCanada will continue to take a tough stance on Political Takeovers and will do what is required to prevent them in eCanada and around the world. Canadians know I am dedicated to protecting eCanada from Takeovers as was witnessed last month when, thanks to my actions and that of the CAF, we prevented a Hungarian Takeover attempt.

I have helped to organize and plan an ATLANTIS wide training war and this will start soon if I am reelected as I have and will continue to press fellow ATLANTIS Presidents to begin. This training war will help bring ATLANTIS together and teach member states the meaning of cooperation on and off the battlefield.

Transparency has been arguably the most controversial issue in eCanada the past term. I have encouraged and passed partial transparency, allowing Congress Archives to be made viewable on the eCanada forums. Though a large step, eCanadians have made it clear that this is not enough. That is why, if reelected I will propose congress pass for full transparency to eCanadian citizens. All citizens registered will have access to read the goings on of your congress and pass judgment accordingly. This is a much needed step to ensure a government is accountable to its citizens.
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